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About Picardy Beverages

The relevance of food and beverages sector is also meant to grow with the growth rate of the Indian economy, since it is getting considerably larger with it's population there arise the need of quality beverages. Under the able guidance of the founders, our dynamic business operations helped the team reduce wastages and produce the products. Since we do not compromise in quality we are able to assure you the products out are of value added and a worthy contribution to the economy of India that has already achieved a mark on global stage... More

The spirit of the Beverages is one if Peace Comfort & Refinement.

Our Products

It is very easy to get carried away with a new taste, making it the first choice depends on its quality and affordability. We bring our products to you with atmost care taken in every point concerning our consumer. We have strived maintaining the quality for the best outcome. PICARDY Beverages new borns live for a 6 months duration, since it has no preservative contents or chemicals to keep it throughout a long way. The taste relays on every last drop of the drink. We made this practical on basis of a research content and with a team of expertise in the manufacturing processes.

Our first thought about being a manufacturers came up thinking about the available soft drinks in the world market, the realization that we had none in our own country India made up PICARDY Beverages. The fruit based carbonated drink will start filling the niche and stand up in every space because of its exemplifying taste and freshness in the last drop. We carefully mix up our recipeis with love and make perfect to be the best ever produced in our nation.

Our Beverages

  • Fruit based carbonated drinks
  • Mineral water
  • Soda
  • Cola
  • Energy Drink
  • Premium (combos & mixed fruits)

Energy drinks beverages can boost heart rate & blood pressure, & cause dehydration & restlessness..


are listed below:

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    Production Plant

    Date: 1st/Mar/2019.

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    Flavoured Drink

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What We Do ..?

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